Flash Photos of Iron and Brass Beds from Brass Beds of Virginia
Maker of Fine Iron, Brass, and Metal Beds Page Title Heading Company Name Made in Richmond, Virginia USA Graphic 1-800-409-0340 Contact Us link button      Brass Beds are our namesake; Iron Beds are our Specialty. For over 35 years we have built our beds to reach a quality standard, rather than a price point, because durability and longevity are just as important as aesthetics. We take pride in the fact that all of our Iron Beds and Brass Beds are made from start to finish right here in Richmond, Virginia - USA. Since we make your bed from scratch, if you desire custom changes, such as to the frame or headboard height, in most cases these needs can be easily and graciously accommodated. We are not mass produced or mass marketed, so when you get one of our beds, it will be a one of a kind, yours. When you finally see our beds in person, you will understand what makes them so special and why so many of our customers have more than one. From the hand-poured castings to the artisan- applied custom finishes, our iron beds are crafted with an individuality that sets them apart. The strength & simplicity of our frame system is unmatched by any other Iron Bed Manufacturer. Take a look at our Iron and Brass bed galleries, choose the bed of your choice, and rest assured we will make it the way you want it. Company Name and Address Trade Mark Tag Line TM Company Logo Image